Deep-Sea Discovery Expedition Departing from New York City Set for August


For $75,000, you and up to two friends can explore Hudson Canyon, looking for shipwrecks and documenting marine life. It’s an incredible scientific adventure led by our friends at OceanGate Expeditions.

Mission Specialist Requirements:
  • Must be at least 18 years of age at mission start time
  • Must be able to board small boats in rough seas
  • Must be able to adapt to changing conditions
  • Must be in reasonably good health and able to climb ladders, lift 20 pounds and demonstrate basic balance.
Sample Mission Itinerary:
Day 1:  Board a luxury motor yacht in lower Manhattan in time for an early evening departure. Once underway, join scientists and fellow crew for a detailed safety and mission briefing, led by the Mission Director. Retire to your cabin. Overnight travel to Hudson Canyon, roughly 100 miles offshore.
Day 2:  Early morning arrival at dive site. After a light breakfast, you’ll receive another dive briefing and then transfer to the submersible that will carry you on an amazing undersea journey. You’ll explore the Hudson Canyon for three or more hours, carefully documenting all you see and communicating info to the surface.  After your dive, there will be a detailed de-brief and celebratory dinner. You’ll then retire to your cabin for the overnight trip back to Manhattan.
Day 3: Late morning arrival back in New York City.  Depart the dock with new knowledge of the deep and memories to last a lifetime, knowing you played a role in advancing ocean research.

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