Deep-Sea Discovery Expedition Departing from New York City Set for Late October


For $75,000, you and up to two friends can explore Hudson Canyon, looking for shipwrecks and documenting marine life. It’s an incredible scientific adventure led by our friends at OceanGate Expeditions.

Pricing includes round trip transportation between lower Manhattan and the
dive site, all meals, and a private submersible dive.

**Note: Individual slots are sometimes available for $25,000.

Mission Specialist Requirements:
  • Must be at least 18 years of age at mission start time
  • Must be able to board small boats in rough seas
  • Must be able to adapt to changing conditions
  • Must be in reasonably good health and able to climb ladders, lift 20 pounds and demonstrate basic balance.
Sample Mission Itinerary:

Day 1:  Embark upon your undersea adventure in the early evening from lower Manhattan. Once underway,  you will join fellow crew members and research scientists for a formal mission safety and dive plan brief led by the Mission Director. Our mission oceanographic expert will present an overview of the many potential corals, sharks, whales and other sea life you may encounter and
observe from the submersible.

Day 2:  Awake at our dive mission destination and enjoy a light breakfast and then transfer to the submersible for your dive. During this completely untethered 3-5 hour dive you will be communicating with the surface, but free to explore and document the habitat.  After your dive, there will be a  post-dive debrief and dinner with the entire mission crew before you retire for the overnight motor back to New York City.

Day 3:  Back in New York City with memories of new underwater discoveries.

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New San Francisco Sky Tours

Scenic flights over San Francisco Bay are now available through Incredible Adventures. A sky tour can be arranged before or after a San Francisco shark dive, or arranged as a stand-alone adventure.

Flights take off from Hayward Executive Airport and can accommodate two passengers. There is an option to turn any sightseeing flight into an introductory flight lesson, with time at the controls for one.

Pricing starts at $475 for up to one hour of flight time. For more information, contact Incredible Adventures at 800-644-7382.

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The Only US Camel Trek

DougonCincoBack in the 1800’s, the US Army experimented with the idea of using camels instead of horses to cross the Western frontier. One of our newest adventures pays tribute to that successful military trial and introduces participants to the land crossed by soldiers long ago.

Our Texas Camel Trekking Adventure takes place in the Big Bend region of West Texas and is ideal for two couples or a family of four.  Easily customizable, the adventure is a photographer’s dream.

Sample Itinerary

Day One: Fly into Midland or El Paso, Texas, rent vehicle and make the three-hour drive to Marfa, Texas, population 1800. Overnight in selected accommodations. Choose to stay at a remote 30,000 acre ranch, in the historic hotel featured in the classic movie “Giant”, or in a teepee, camper, yurt or safari tent.

Day Two: Meet your guide and the camels in the morning. Trek about two miles into the desert before breaking for lunch. Continue on, riding camels and hiking on foot until reaching a special remote campsite, where dinner will be waiting. Overnight in provided tents or sleep out under the stars.

Day Three: After breakfast, make the two-hour camel ride back to Marfa. Time to explore the scenic Texas town popular with artists and celebrities. (Marfa is known worldwide for its art exhibits and overall quirkiness.) Overnight in the accommodations you’ve selected.

Day Four: Depart Marta for the airport or continue your exploration of the Big Bend area of Texas. (Fans of star gazing may wish to visit the McDonald Observatory, less than an hour away.)

Program Notes

Camping is optional.  The itinerary can be modified so trekking takes place near ranch or hotel accommodations.  Optional program add-ons include ATV riding, arts tours, glider flights and stargazing events.


Pricing is based on the number of participants, lodging selection, optional add-ons and time of year. For planning purposes, ballpark pricing ranges from $3850 to $6900.

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F-104 Flight Training in Florida

RickF-104 Flight Training is available to licensed pilots.  Instruction takes place at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center near Orlando, Florida.

The supersonic F-104 Starfighter was used to prepare generations of astronauts for space travel.

Incredible Adventures offers the flight training in cooperation with Starfighters Aerospace.  Call or email Incredible Adventures to learn more.

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Russian Zero G Flight Postponed

RussiaZeroGOur Russian zero-g adventure set for the week of March 31st – April 4th was canceled for health reasons.  We hope to be able to announce new dates for the program in the near future.

Russia’s IL-76 MDK is the largest of the world’s zero-gravity planes and provides maximum floating space and time.  Astronauts and cosmonauts from around the globe train for space in Russia’s flying laboratory.

One of the space training packages available retails for $16,800 and includes a zero-g flight, hands-on space training in Sokol Space Suits, a guided tour of Star City, hotel accommodations in Moscow,  ground transfers and most meals.  Other options are available.

For more info, email or call Incredible Adventures at 800-644-7382.

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