See Sharks from Our Glass Bottom Boat


Our newest Bahamas shark diving adventure features Bimini Blue, an incredible glass-bottom boat operated by our friend  Neal Watson at Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center.   See bull sharks, great hammerheads, tiger sharks and more from our custom-built floating shark cage, or from one of the best dive boats on the planet.

Bimini is just 53 miles from Miami.  You can take a seaplane over from Florida, spend a half day swimming with sharks, and fly back in time for dinner.  The prime viewing sites are close to shore, making Bimini one of the best places we’ve found to cage dive with big sharks.  Bimini has crystal clear water and beautiful weather all year long, too!  See the brochure.


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Louisiana/Mississippi HAHO/HALO


Join the Halojumper team in New Orleans, September 8th – 12th, for a special two-jump extreme skydiving adventure. For just $3700, thrillseekers can experience two very different high-altitude military style jumps.  HALO Jumps are designed to get jumpers quickly on the ground. Chutes are opened low, after nearly two minutes of high-speed and high adrenaline freefall.  HAHO Jumps are designed to allow jumpers to exit an aircraft in one location and fly under canopy to a designated landing zone miles away. All jumps are tandem, so no prior skydiving experience is required.

Single HALO Jumps near Memphis are $3495, so $3700 for two extreme jumps is an incredible offer….and you get to experience New Orleans and a great drop zone in nearby Lumberton, MS.

For more info, email or call 800-644-7382.

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Don’t Let a Fear of Heights Keep You From Falling

A Special Post from IA’s Jane Reifert

High Altitude Low Open skydivingOur High-Altitude Skydives aren’t new adventures, but we are kicking off a new jump season.  The peak months for HALO Jumping are April through November and our first Everest Skydive event of the year is slated for May.

I have not parachute jumped over Everest or made a HALO Jump near Memphis, so it’s not me in the photo, but I have made two tandem skydives at a drop zone near my home in Florida.  Those who know me find that really hard to believe, given how absolutely terrified I am of heights.

Don’t let a fear of heights keeps you from scheduling a tandem parachute jump. I absolutely loved both of my tandem skydives and think everyone should experience the thrill of falling toward earth at least once.  Most people love the high-speed free fall…the quick descent toward the ground before the chute opened, but I loved hanging out under the canopy, taking in the amazing view.  (In Florida, that view meant looking at cow pastures and palm trees.)

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Watch a Soyuz Launch with IA

We’re now taking advance reservations for two upcoming Soyuz Launch Advenspacesuittures. Travel from Moscow to Kazakhstan and the famous Baikonur Cosmodrome for crew launches scheduled for September and November.

Add a five day , four night Baikonur Adventure to your Moscow holiday for just $5500 US.  The cost includes round-trip air transportation from Moscow to Baikonur, lodging near the Baikonur Cosmodrome, VIP tours, guide services, meals and more.

Contact Incredible Adventures for complete details.  Please note that reservations must be made at least 60 days prior to a scheduled launch date.

IA Tour to Baikonur


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Coming Soon – More Sharks

If you’re planning a trip to Bimini in the near future, let us know.  Incredible Adventures may soon be launching a new shark dive adventure on this popular island in the Bahamas.

As always, if there’s an adventure you’re seeking that you don’t find on our website, don’t hesitate to tell us.  There’s a good chance we can make your adventure dream come true.

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